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Port Spencer

  • Port Spencer will be a new deep-sea grain storage and handling terminal, strategically located on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula
  • It’s being developed by Free Eyre, a local grain company owned by some 500 of EP’s grain growers, responsible for over 70% of the regions grain production
  • It will be operated by Peninsula Ports, a wholly owned subsidiary of Free Eyre
  • Port Spencer will provide a shipping option to Port Lincoln and will be economically beneficial to many of the EP’s grain growers
  • It’s a privately funded, $180 million civil construction project
  • Subject to the relevant approvals being sought, completion is scheduled for the 2021 harvest where it is anticipated it will export over 1 million tonnes of grain annually
  • The Peninsula Ports business model is prefaced on the export of grain only

Overview Of Features

  • Provides 850,000 tonnes of storage via silo and bunker storage
  • Offers the ability for up to 1 million tonnes of grain to be stored 
  • Features a 530 m wharf to cater for Panamax class vessels
  • Upgrades to a substantial area of existing roads and intersections to cater for additional truck movement
  • Capable of handling peak harvest loads of up to 30,000 tonnes per day 
  • Features it’s own onsite energy generation
  • Will significantly reduce truck movements out of Port Lincoln following the closure of the rail line
  • State of the art facility allowing the most efficient and timely unloading facilities for grain growers

WHY is it happening?

  • Driven and owned by EP locals, it provides local farmers and the local community with the power to control their livelihood, utilise local suppliers and create local job opportunities
  • It will significantly reduce traffic congestion and transport distances, and hence creates logistic efficiencies,  reducing the time to move product to market
  • Port Spencer will support global shipping organisations by facilitating the smoother movement of ships, easier completion of cargo transfers and hence shorter departure times once loaded
    – Less than 2 days for 70,000T ships to be loaded
    – Around 20 ships per year
    – Caters for Panamax class vessels

WHERE is Port Spencer?

  • The Port is strategically positioned at Lipson Cove on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula. It’s 65km north east of Port Lincoln which is presently the closest grain terminal for the region.
  • It’s in the heart of Eyre Peninsula’s grain production region, with a natural catchment of approximately 1.6 million tonnes and located economically closer to or equidistant to any other port.

WHEN – Project Timing

  • Subject to approvals, we are aiming to be in time for the 2021 harvest date as the latest completion date.
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