The Project

Our Vision.

Port Spencer Eyre PeninsulaBy Growers, for Growers, to benefit the Eyre Peninsula.

History of Free Eyre Ltd.

Nearly 500 Eyre Peninsula’s grain growers established Free Eyre Limited (FEL) in 2006 in response to changes in Australia’s grain industry.

Our mission, to identify and invest in opportunities that improved outcomes for grain growers on the Eyre Peninsula.

14 years on, and Free Eyre Ltd (FEL) is taking a lead role in developing a site at Port Spencer to bring much needed competition, and de-risk the grain supply chain, with new grain management infrastructure.

Peninsula Grain Infrastructure

It was 1882 when the first wharf facilities were constructed at the site to support the trade of wool, wheat and other goods to the Colonies of Australia, and for export back to England via Port Adelaide.

Dismantled in 1949 in favour of extensions at Port Lincoln, grain growers on the Peninsula are  now serviced by near-monopoly interests in grain handling, and with the recent withdrawl of rail freight services by Genesee & Wyoming Australia, face increasing transport cost for their grain.

As supply chain pressures increase, there is a pressing need for more options for local industry.

Port Spencer will provide a localised grain storage and export option for grain growers throughout the Eyre Peninsula.

Traffic Movements on EP

With the recent closure of the Eyre Peninsula railway it is estimated that an additional 30,000 truck movements will go through the township of Port Lincoln.

The Sep 2018 SMEC Eyre Peninsula Freight Study highlighted the likely impact of that additional freight traffic on Port Lincoln:Identifies Road Traffic Impact
“The base case will result in a significant increase in the road freight transport task through the City of Port Lincoln. Additionally, grain transport by road only is a slower task and would be expected to result in longer trucking hours as well as longer handling and ship loading hours. These combined changes will impact noise, safety, traffic access and congestion within the City of Port Lincoln.

The development of Port Spencer will divert significant truck movements into and out of Port Lincoln.

Environmental Management

Peninsula Ports will be applying stringent environmental management practices aligned and in adherence with environmental best-practice requirements. An amendment to the existing Public Environmental Report which manages social and environmental matters is now available for public comment via the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure at

Cultural Heritage

There is a small area of land associated with the project whereby Aboriginal heritage and native title matters are of particular significance to the Barngarla community.
We are working closely with the Barngarla Aboriginal Corporation Board to ensure that we collaborate together to reach a mutually agreeable solution.


Port Spencer is being developed by, and for, the Eyre Peninsula community. Where possible, local materials and suppliers will be used in the construction and operation of the Port. Peninsula Ports has been active with extensive community consultations prior to, and will continue to do during the detailed design stage.


Peninsula Ports have partnered with the most credible suppliers in the industry to ensure Port Spencer is developed responsibly and efficiently.

We’ve worked hard to identify and evaluate leaders in each field required to build a world-class grain port, and manage the project through to completion.

Frequently Asked Questions

As we progress, we will be collating and publishing answers to frequently asked question relating to the Project.

International Competitiveness

All our efforts are on making Australian, Eyre Peninsula grain, internationally competitive.

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